Pro Lashes ™
Pro Lashes ™
Pro Lashes ™
Pro Lashes ™
Pro Lashes ™

Pro Lashes ™

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The Pro Lashes ™ replaces traditional lash curlers which are causing crimping and pinching of your sensible eyelashes. This sleek, safe, and gentle heating wand is essential to enhance the appearance of your lashes.

Designed to be used after mascara application, the curler gently warms lashes to deliver long-lasting curl. You can now achieve the maximum curl without damaging your eyelashes for a beautiful & polished look.

The Heated Eyelash Curler is convenient and easy to use:    

  •  ✔️20 seconds - Simply switch on the curler (green light illuminates) and let it heat up.    
  •  ✔️10 seconds - For top lashes, place the heated comb under the lash line and carefully lift and hold lashes against the eyelid. Repeat up to three times or until you achieve the look you like.   
  •  ✔️After switching off the curler, let the device cool. Clean by gently wiping with a moist cloth when necessary.

Get long-lasting, luscious eyelashes without wrinkling or clumping in the eyelid with the heated fingernail curler.

Two lines of heating system.

Say goodbye to crumpled or bushy eyelashes - No pinching, pulling or pulling, the heating comb lifts, separates and loops the eyelashes in a natural and natural way.

The anti-damage system on the heating zone prevents any damage when curling eyelashes.

Ignite accidentally thanks to the cover that protects the on / off.

Perfect for using on your every day makeup!



Pull out the battery cell out of the aluminum pen and insert 1 AAA battery. Slide the switch to ON position to activate unit. The green light will illuminate. Let the curler heat for about 20 seconds. Place the heated comb directly under eyelash line. Gently lift eyelashes with curler against your eyelid. Hold the position for 8~10 seconds (Do not press curler directly on the eyelid). Continue until desired look is achieved. When finished, slide the on/off button downward to the off position.

For the best, long lasting results, we recommend a coat of mascara after curling.